Caring for Anxious Patients

Prioritising Your Comfort and Well-Being

Step into a pleasant dental experience centred on your comfort and oral health. For patients with dental anxieties, we’ve created a relaxing space with personalised approaches.

Understanding Dental Anxiety

It's More Common Than You Think

Dental anxiety affects many patients, often deterring them from seeking timely dental care. Recognising and addressing these fears is vital for maintaining optimal oral health.

At Shenton Park Village Dental, we prioritise the comfort of anxious patients, offering a tailored approach to ease concerns. Book an appointment today and experience compassionate care in a calming environment.

From Mild to Severe

Personalised Support for Every Anxious Patient

Understanding the spectrum of dental anxiety is important since every patient’s anxiety is unique. We customise care for those with situational concerns to those with deep-rooted dental phobias.

Situational Anxiety Patients

Situational anxiety often stems from particular triggers, such as the noise of dental instruments or the anticipation of injections. These specific factors can intensify feelings of distress during dental appointments.

Recognising this, our clinic has adopted measures like using less noisy equipment and introducing distraction strategies. These efforts aim to alleviate anxiety so that every patient feels at ease during their visit and has a seamless and comforting dental experience.

General Dental Phobia Patients

General dental phobia goes beyond specific stimuli; it’s a profound fear often rooted in past traumatic dental experiences. It can stop individuals from getting needed dental care.

At our clinic, we’re dedicated to supporting these patients. We employ gentle dental techniques, offer sedation options, and provide counselling to address and manage these fears. We aim to make everyone feel safe, cared for, and at ease during their time with us.

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Shenton Park Village Dental offers comfort-focused and personalised care for anxious patients, delivered by experienced and compassionate dental professionals.

Personalised Care for the Whole Family

Experience tailored dental treatments and sedation options at Shenton Park Village Dental, catering to every family member's unique needs and providing radiant smiles across all ages.

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With a blend of experience and heartfelt care, our dental team is dedicated to providing exceptional dental services in a patient-friendly and welcoming setting.

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Our commitment to eco-dentistry combines the latest dental innovations with environmentally-conscious approaches for holistic care for a greener, healthier dental experience.

Community Involvement and Support

We pride ourselves on active community participation, offering support, fostering relationships to make a positive local impact, and strengthening communal bonds.


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