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Enjoy the benefits of at Shenton Park Village Dental—a dental cover option that aligns with your dental care needs.
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HBF Members Plus Smile Partner Nib First Choice Dentist Afterpay Fund My Dental In House Payment Plans


Shenton Park Village Dental's Partnership with

Discover how at Shenton Park Village Dental revolutionises affordable dental care for our valued patients.
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Smile Brighter, Spend Lighter eliminates the traditional barriers to affordable dental care by offering an annual membership starting at just $79. This membership grants immediate, unrestricted access to a comprehensive range of dental treatments at reduced and fixed rates, with no waiting periods.

Our partnership with enables our patients to receive the treatment they need without financial stress. It’s a convenient and budget-friendly choice for everyone. This makes it practical and economical for your dental care needs.

Access Dental Discounts with Just One Click

Getting started with is a breeze. Just head to their website, complete the quick sign-up process, and you’re on your way. Once registered, give us a call to book your appointment. When you come in for your dental visit, simply show your physical or digital card to get immediate discounts on your dental treatments, with no waiting periods.

Book your next appointment at Shenton Park Village Dental and take advantage of your benefits.

Why Choose Shenton Park Village Dental


Beyond convenient payment options, Shenton Park Village Dental stands out for its patient-centred approach, eco-dentistry practices, and commitment to community well-being.

Personalised Care for the Whole Family

Shenton Park Village Dental offers personalised care tailored to each family member's needs, fostering a comfortable and caring environment for all ages.

Experienced and Caring Dental Professionals

Our team of experienced dental professionals prioritises patient well-being, providing compassionate care with a focus on individual needs and comfort.

State-of-the-Art Eco-Dentistry

We embrace state-of-the-art eco-dentistry practices, utilising environmentally friendly methods and technologies to deliver responsible and innovative dental care.

Community Involvement and Support

Shenton Park Village Dental actively engages with the local community, supporting various initiatives and events that enhance community well-being and connection.


Frequently Asked Questions About

Find answers to common questions about using at Shenton Park Village Dental below.
With, you can enjoy reduced and capped dental fees across a wide range of treatments. This includes preventative care such as check-ups and cleanings, restorative treatments like fillings and extractions, as well as major dental procedures such as root canals and crowns. Consult with our friendly dental team to understand specific treatments that align with the payment option at our clinic.
Joining is a cost-effective way to access quality dental care. The annual cover fee starts at just $79 a year for a single individual. There are also options for couples and families, making it a flexible choice for various needs. The annual fee covers a wide range of dental treatments, allowing you to enjoy reduced and capped fees without any waiting periods or treatment exclusions. It’s an investment in your dental health that can lead to significant savings on dental care. does provide coverage for a variety of cosmetic dental procedures. Members can enjoy reduced fees on treatments that enhance the appearance of their smile, such as teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and more. The extent of the reduction in fees may vary depending on the specific treatment and the dental clinic.

At Shenton Park Village Dental, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals, and our partnership with makes these treatments more accessible. It’s advisable to consult with our dental team to understand the cosmetic procedures eligible for reduced fees through at our clinic. takes the security of your personal and payment information very seriously. It’s standard practice for reputable dental cover providers to implement robust security protocols to protect your personal and payment information. This often includes secure socket layer (SSL) technology, data encryption, and compliance with privacy regulations.

At Shenton Park Village Dental, we value your trust and privacy and are committed to working with partners like that adhere to the highest data security standards.

Yes, you can use even if you already have health fund dental cover. In fact, can complement your existing health fund cover in several ways:

  • It allows you to save on dental treatments that your health fund might not cover.
  • If you’ve reached your benefit limits with your health fund, offers reduced and capped dental fees.
  • Even if you’re currently serving waiting periods with your health fund, you can start saving immediately on dental treatments with

In most cases, using both covers can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.


Invest in your oral health and let Shenton Park Village Dental help you achieve the smile you desire. Book an appointment and start your journey to a beautiful smile today.