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Discovering the Power of Traditional Braces

Crooked teeth and overcrowding of teeth present more than an aesthetic concern. They often create challenges in oral care, leaving individuals longing for straight teeth and a confident smile

At Shenton Park Village Dental, our traditional braces in Shenton Park provide a pathway to address these dental dilemmas. Offering various dental brace options, including metal braces in Shenton Park, we focus on high-quality dental care that is suitable as an option for teenagers and adults.

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For traditional braces in Shenton Park, trust Shenton Park Village Dental, where quality care meets innovation in dental practice.

Personalised Care for the Whole Family

Our approach to teeth braces in Shenton Park is tailored to individual needs, making dental care a comfortable experience for every family member.

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Our team skillfully provides metal braces in Shenton Park, combining gentle care with techniques that align with your dental goals.

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We embrace environmentally responsible practices, utilising innovative equipment for dental treatments in Shenton Park to achieve a healthier smile sustainably.

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Shenton Park Village Dental stands with the community, offering traditional braces with a commitment to quality and supportive local engagement.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

Time-Tested Treatment for a Straighter Smile

Our traditional braces in Shenton Park offer a proven method for aligning teeth, creating beautiful smiles for various ages and lifestyles.

Embrace Tradition for a Beautiful Smile

Proven track record

Traditional braces have been a reliable choice for managing crooked teeth and overcrowding, providing function and aesthetics.

Suitable for various ages

From teens to adults, traditional braces in Shenton Park are adaptable, catering to different needs and dental structures.

Comprehensive dental alignment

Metal braces in Shenton Park offer a full approach to dental alignment, focusing on overall oral health and confidence.

Straight Talk

Are Traditional Braces Right For You?

Determining the suitability of traditional braces in Shenton Park involves assessing individual dental needs and goals. Are you a candidate?

Need for tooth alignment

Misaligned teeth or overcrowding can lead to oral health challenges; traditional braces offer a method to bring teeth into harmony.

Commitment to care

Traditional braces require regular dental visits in Shenton Park for adjustments and care, aiding progress towards the desired smile.

Seeking aesthetic improvement

Individuals desiring improvements in the appearance of their teeth may find metal braces in Shenton Park to be a fitting choice.

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Your Top Traditional Braces Questions Answered

Delve into frequently asked questions about traditional braces in Shenton Park, offering insights into the care, application, and maintenance of metal braces.

Traditional braces in Shenton Park work through a unique system comprising metal brackets, wires, and bands. Here’s how the process takes place:

  • Metal brackets:
    These are bonded to the front of the natural teeth, providing anchors for the wires.
  • Wires and bands:
    These are connected to the metal brackets and exert gentle pressure on the teeth, guiding them into the proper position over time.
  • Adjustments:
    During the orthodontic treatment, you may have to visit your dentist every 4-6 weeks. This is so your dentist can monitor your treatment progress and make the necessary adjustments to guide misaligned teeth into a straighter smile.

Traditional braces in Shenton Park are a popular choice to address various dental issues, such as:

  • Misaligned teeth:
    Crooked or misaligned teeth that may cause bite issues.
  • Crowded teeth:
    When there’s not enough space in the mouth, teeth can overlap, leading to an unsightly appearance.
  • Gaps and spaces:
    Traditional metal braces can close wide gaps between adjacent teeth, creating a more harmonious smile.
  • Complex bite problems:
    Overbites, underbites, and other complex dental problems can be addressed through this comprehensive treatment plan.

Wearing teeth braces in Shenton Park can vary in length depending on the severity of the dental issue. Here’s a general guideline:

  • Mild cases:
    The average treatment time could be 12 to 18 months for minor misalignment or crowding of teeth.
  • Moderate to severe cases:
    More complicated issues with teeth might require 24 to 36 months.

The experienced dentists at Shenton Park Village Dental will evaluate your case and provide a more precise time frame based on your specific needs.

While conventional braces in Shenton Park are a popular and effective orthodontic option, some discomfort may be experienced, especially during the initial days of the treatment. This is a natural part of the process. Some pressure or soreness may be felt as the braces move the teeth into the desired position. This sensation is a result of the teeth adjusting to the new forces being applied to them.

It’s advisable to avoid certain types of foods, especially in the first few days after getting braces or after adjustments. Chewy foods like caramel or gum can get stuck in the braces, while crunchy foods like popcorn or hard candies can potentially damage the brackets or wires. Soft foods such as mashed potatoes, yoghurt, and soups can be more comfortable to eat during this period.

If the discomfort becomes bothersome, over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen can be taken as directed to alleviate the pain. Always consult with your dentist before taking any medication. Remember, while the initial discomfort might be a challenge, the results—a beautifully aligned set of teeth—are well worth the temporary inconvenience. Over time, most patients find that they adjust to their braces, and the discomfort diminishes.

Yes, there are various alternatives to metal braces in Shenton Park:

  • Ceramic braces:
    These are similar to traditional metal braces but use tooth-coloured brackets and wires, offering a more aesthetic approach.
  • Clear aligner technology:
    Using a series of clear aligners for teeth, these invisible aligners offer a discreet option. The aligner trays are made of comfortable plastic, providing a nearly invisible way to create a straight smile without metal brackets.
With teeth braces in Shenton Park, regular visits to the dental clinic are an essential part of the treatment plan. Generally, you may need to visit every 4 to 6 weeks. These visits allow the dentist to monitor your treatment progress and make necessary changes to the braces, including tightening or adjusting wires so your teeth move into the proper position over time.

Managing oral hygiene with traditional braces involves a tailored regimen to protect your teeth and so that your treatment proceeds as planned. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Brushing:
    Opt for a soft-bristled toothbrush, giving special attention to the area around metal brackets and wires. Brushing after each meal is a good practice to keep your teeth and braces clean and reduce the risk of cavities forming.
  • Flossing:
    To navigate the intricate areas between your braces and neighbouring teeth, consider flossing tools like interdental brushes or water flossers.
  • Rinsing with mouthwash:
    Incorporating a fluoride-based mouthwash into your daily routine adds another layer of protection against decay and plaque.
  • Avoid specific foods:
    Refrain from consuming crunchy or chewy foods, as they tend to adhere to your braces, making cleaning a challenge.
  • Regular dental check-ups:
    Consistent visits to the dentist will not only offer professional cleaning but also allow for the timely detection of any developing dental concerns.

Failure to maintain this hygiene routine could lead to a myriad of dental issues, including but not limited to plaque build-up, tooth decay, and even delayed treatment progression.

Adhering to this balanced routine sets the stage for healthier teeth and smoother progress throughout your treatment journey.

Yes, wearing a retainer is often part of the comprehensive treatment plan after the removal of metal braces in Shenton Park.

Retainers are custom-made based on 3D scans of your straightened teeth, providing a comfortable fit. They help keep the teeth in their new position over time. Initially, you might need to wear the retainer full-time, gradually reducing it to night-time use. This schedule helps maintain that brilliant smile you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Regular appointments at the dental clinic are also essential to monitor if the retainer fits well and does its job to keep that beautiful smile.


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