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Children's Orthodontics in Shenton Park

Navigate your child’s orthodontic needs with Shenton Park Village Dental. We offer early intervention, routine assessments, and tailored referrals.

Exploring Children's Orthodontics

Building Strong Foundations for Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

Childhood dental issues like overcrowding and misaligned bites can impact not just appearance but also make routine tasks such as oral care and eating more challenging than they ought to be.

Given childhood dental complexities, Shenton Park Village Dental is here for you. We offer regular assessments, early interventions, and braces for kids aged 12 and above. For situations requiring additional care, we’ll guide you through the referral process, all to achieve a tailored and comprehensive approach to your child’s dental needs.

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Come to Shenton Park Village Dental for your child’s dental needs, where we blend personalised care with a strong community focus.

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Your child's unique smile is our priority. We focus on early intervention and ongoing check-ups in children's orthodontics in Shenton Park.

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Our experienced and friendly team is dedicated to guiding you and your child through the orthodontic process, offering accurate diagnoses and referrals when needed.

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Modern meets green at our clinic. We use the latest methods and eco-friendly materials to help your child's smile grow sustainably.

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We're not just about teeth. A part of our yearly profits supports community outreach, including giving eco-friendly oral care packs to kids.

Straighter Teeth, Healthier Smiles

The Benefits of Children's Orthodontics

Starting children’s orthodontics early paves the way for a life of good oral health, potentially reducing future complications and invasive treatments.

Laying the Foundations for a Healthy Smile

Timely issue identification

Children's orthodontics aids in spotting dental issues early, allowing for timely treatment recommendations and a smoother oral health journey.

Oral hygiene simplified

Children's orthodontic treatments can help make tooth brushing a less complicated routine for your child, making daily oral hygiene tasks easier.

Setting the stage for adult oral health

During their formative years, children's orthodontics in Shenton Park can reduce the need for more complicated dental procedures later in life.

Timing Smiles Right

Who Qualifies for Children's Orthodontics?

Find out if your child is an ideal candidate for children’s orthodontics at Shenton Park Village Dental.

Recommended age for evaluation

We recommend initial evaluations starting at age 7 to plan for future orthodontic needs and monitor dental development.

Oral health markers

Specific signs in a child's oral health, such as overcrowding or misaligned bites, can suggest the advisability of earlier orthodontic intervention.

Parental awareness

When parents observe their child having difficulties with routine dental care due to crooked or crowded teeth, an orthodontic consultation may offer valuable insights.

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All About Children's Orthodontics

Learn more about children’s orthodontics with our frequently asked questions, designed to answer your concerns and guide your choices.

The recommended time for your child to have their initial orthodontic evaluation varies. However, a good rule of thumb is around age 7, when a mix of primary and adult teeth is present. This allows us to assess the dental development stage, including the alignment of emerging adult teeth and jaw growth patterns.

Although we mainly offer braces for kids 12 and up at Shenton Park Village Dental, early evaluations are crucial for planning and potentially addressing issues before they escalate.

Recognising your child’s need for orthodontic care is crucial for their long-term dental health. Early intervention can prevent tooth decay, simplify cleaning, and pave the way for future treatment.

Look for these signs:

  • Crooked teeth:
    Overlapping or twisted teeth can complicate cleaning and increase the risk of decay.
  • Gaps in teeth:
    Wide spaces may affect speech and chewing beyond aesthetic concerns.
  • Misaligned teeth:
    If your child’s teeth don’t meet correctly when biting or chewing or there are noticeable inconsistencies when the jaws are closed, this may signal misalignment issues that can lead to jaw stress or uneven wear.
  • Protruding front teeth:
    This increases the likelihood of accidental tooth damage.
  • Challenges in brushing:
    Difficulty cleaning teeth effectively can indicate a need for orthodontic evaluation.
  • Bad oral habits:
    Prolonged thumb-sucking or excessive pacifier use can lead to orthodontic issues.
  • Early or late tooth loss:
    Unusual timing in losing baby teeth may require orthodontic intervention.

Understanding these signs empowers you to seek timely orthodontic assessment, leading to a customised treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs.

As children grow, their smiles can reveal a variety of orthodontic challenges. These include:

  • Crowding:
    When there’s insufficient space for all the teeth to align naturally. Crowding can make it hard to maintain healthy teeth.
  • Spacing issues:
    The opposite of crowding, where excessive gaps between the teeth can become an aesthetic concern or affect how teeth function.
  • Crossbite:
    This happens when one or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, which could lead to the risk of tooth pain or even gum issues down the line.
  • Overbite:
    This is characterised by the upper front teeth extending significantly over the lower front teeth. This arrangement can be problematic when biting and chewing.
  • Underbite:
    This is when the lower front teeth are further forward than the upper front teeth, potentially causing wear and tear over time.

Various treatments are available for these challenges, from conventional braces to more modern tooth-coloured options. Each child treatment is carefully tailored, with a custom plan designed to achieve a more confident, healthier, and straighter smile.

The length of orthodontic treatment in Shenton Park can vary widely depending on the severity of the issue and the treatment methods used. Here are some ballpark figures:

  • Conventional metal braces:
    These traditional braces might require about 18 to 24 months for moderate cases.
  • Tooth-coloured braces:
    Similar to conventional metal braces but less visible, treatment time might be relatively similar, around 18 to 24 months.
  • Clear aligners:
    Suited for milder issues, these can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months.
  • Short-term treatments:
    The duration could be significantly shorter for less complex issues, ranging from 6 to 12 months.

Remember, these are general guidelines. After establishing a detailed care plan, the timeline for your child’s specific case becomes clearer.

On the journey to a straighter smile, a bit of discomfort is a natural part of the orthodontic process. Here’s a little rundown:

  • Initial fitting:
    During the first few days after getting braces in Shenton Park, it’s common for kids to experience a sensation of tightness around their teeth. It’s a sign that the braces are doing their job: beginning the alignment process.
  • Adjustment phases:
    Following regular appointments for adjustments, your child may feel some tension and tenderness in the teeth and jaws. This usually subsides within a couple of days.
  • Wire ends:
    Sometimes, the ends of the wires could irritate the inner cheeks. Dental wax can work wonders in such situations, providing a buffer between the braces and the cheek.
  • Oral hygiene:
    Proper cleaning techniques can reduce potential discomfort caused by plaque buildup around the braces.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate mild discomfort. Cold compresses also offer relief from inflammation.

Depending on individual circumstances, the ‘right’ age to start orthodontic treatment in Shenton Park can be a moving target. However, here are some general ideas:

  • Early observations:
    A preventative care appointment around age 7 could offer valuable insights into your child’s oral development, although actual treatment might not be necessary.
  • Tweens and teens:
    Many parents find that the years between 12 and 14 are often conducive for beginning braces in Shenton Park treatment. Most adult teeth have usually erupted by this age, making it easier to identify misalignments or gaps.
  • Eligibility:
    While we provide braces in Shenton Park for children aged 12 and up, younger kids or those with more complex dental challenges may need additional visits for assessment or even a referral to a more specialised setting.

In all cases, the focus is on establishing a detailed care plan tailored to your child’s needs for a confident and attractive smile. So, it’s less about locking into a specific age and more about ongoing dialogue and timely interventions.

The frequency of your child’s dental visits for orthodontic treatment in Shenton Park may vary based on the type of braces and specific appliances like palatal expanders, Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs), retainers, or space maintainers.

  • Regular appointments:
    Children with braces usually need check-ups every 4 to 8 weeks for adjustments and progress monitoring.
  • Additional visits:
    Extra appointments might be necessary for specific appliances or if any discomfort arises.
  • Emergencies:
    Accidents like a loose bracket or a popped wire may require unplanned visits.
  • End-of-phase evaluations:
    These are comprehensive checks done after reaching a significant milestone in the treatment plan.

We strongly encourage early evaluations, starting as young as age 7. Early intervention allows us to monitor growth patterns and offer proactive recommendations. Should your child require specialised care at a younger age, we’re committed to guiding you through the process and connecting you with the right specialists for comprehensive treatment.

Choosing the right foods during orthodontic treatment is not about missing out on tasty treats; it’s more about making the journey smoother for your child.

Here’s a simple guide:

  • Tough foods:
    Hard veggies, nuts, and candies can damage braces.
  • Sticky snacks:
    Chewing gum and some dried fruits can stick to braces, making it hard to keep them clean and raising the risk of tooth issues.
  • Sugary foods:
    It’s not about giving up sugar; it’s about using it sparingly to avoid plaque buildup around the braces.
  • Acidic drinks:
    Drinks like orange juice or soda can weaken tooth enamel and cause stains around the braces.

By eating smarter and being careful, your child’s orthodontic treatment in Shenton Park can progress more easily. This can pave the way for a straighter, more attractive smile for your child.


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