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Meet Dr. Ash Shah of Shenton Park Village Dental

Dr. Ash’s greatest joy in dentistry is fostering lasting relationships with families, spanning multiple generations, built on trust and delivering optimal oral health outcomes.

Unveiling Dr. Ash Shah's Vision

The Passion and Drive that Define Dr. Ash's Approach to Comprehensive Dental Care

For Dr. Ash becoming a dentist allowed her to meld her love of science with her passion for creating with her hands. At Shenton Park Village Dental, she is passionate about crafting beautiful smiles for patients and helping them improve their oral and overall health.

Our dentist has a passion for all aspects of dentistry, evidenced by the high quality of her work. She has a special interest in children’s dentistry and orthodontics. Dr Ash also provides services including crowns and bridges, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, gum disease treatment, and root canal therapy.

Education & Memberships

Dr. Ash received a Bachelor of Dental Science with First Class Honours from the University of Queensland in 2010 with a focus on periodontology. She is committed to upskilling with the latest techniques, and is currently undertaking Comprehensive Orthodontics at the International Academy of Advanced Dentistry (IAADent).

Dr. Ash is a member of the following:

Elevating Dental Care Standards

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Behind every smile journey, our support team stands strong, offering exceptional care. Their dedication makes every patient feel valued and understood.

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