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A Comprehensive Look at Multiple Dental Implants

Missing teeth can lead to challenges, including difficulties in chewing, speaking, and a lack of confidence. These problems can compound and cause complications over time, affecting your daily life and well-being.

Multiple dental implants are a viable option for replacing missing teeth with natural-looking and functional prosthetics. At Shenton Park Village Dental, we tailor our services to your unique needs, providing multiple implants in Shenton Park carefully designed to bring back your smile and offer the convenience and stability you desire.

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Multiple Dental Implants for a Confident, Functional Smile

Experience the transformation with multiple dental implants in Shenton Park, enhancing the appearance and function of your smile.

Rediscover Confidence Through Dental Implants

Improved appearance

Enjoy an improved appearance with natural-looking dental prosthetics that enhance the aesthetics of your smile and overall facial appearance.

Strength and stability

Take advantage of the strength of titanium post implantation, a common type of dental implant material that fuses to the bone over time.

Improvement in oral health and function

Multiple dental implants support healthy bone features and gum tissue, leading to an overall improvement in oral health and the normal function of teeth.

Are You the Ideal Candidate?

Exploring Suitability for Multiple Dental Implants

Delve into the key characteristics that make you the right fit for multiple dental implants at Shenton Park Village Dental.

Good general health

Patients in good general health are better suited for dental implant therapy, as it supports optimal healing and recovery.

Good oral health and hygiene

Maintaining good oral health and diligent hygiene practices facilitates a more successful integration of the titanium post and bone over time.

Adequate jawbone density

Adequate jawbone density is essential for the dental implant process, allowing the artificial tooth roots to fuse properly and prevent bone deterioration.

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Answers to Multiple Dental Implants Questions

Explore our comprehensive guide to multiple dental implants in Shenton Park, offering insights and answers to your most pressing questions.

The number of dental implants required to replace multiple missing teeth can vary widely. Factors such as the location of the missing teeth, the quality of the jawbone, and the preferred restoration technique influence the decision. For example, options like a 3-unit fixed bridge might replace three missing teeth with only two implants.

Shenton Park Village Dental offers a wide range of dental prosthetics and customised dental implant services to meet specific patient needs. A consultation appointment with our team can provide a tailored plan.

Dental implants often utilise a titanium or metal post because of their remarkable biocompatibility with human bone. This fusion of bone over time creates a sturdy foundation for restorations such as dental crowns, bridges, removable dentures, or denture implants.

Made from materials like high-grade porcelain, resin, or other robust substances that replicate the appearance of natural tooth tissue, these restorations provide an improved appearance, functionality, and longevity of the artificial tooth roots.

Dental implant surgery at Shenton Park Village Dental prioritises patient comfort. With gentle care, local anaesthesia, and the latest dental implant therapy techniques, patients usually experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. After surgery, mild discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and a carefully planned after-care routine for a pleasant experience throughout the dental implant process.

The entire treatment time for receiving multiple dental implants in Shenton Park usually ranges from 3 to 6 months. Factors influencing this timeline include implant placement, healing, the bone fusing to the tooth implant, abutment placement, and fitting the final crown, bridge, or denture.

Bone development and potential pre-operative treatments like bone grafting procedures might extend this period. Your dedicated dental care team at Shenton Park Village Dental will outline the steps and expected timeline specific to your situation, considering factors such as bone density and bone features.

Multiple dental implants provide a long-term option for tooth replacement. With proper dental care, adherence to oral health and hygiene practices, regular dental visits, and consideration of lifestyle habits, multiple dental implants can last an average of 25 years, sometimes even longer. Because of this, many feel that the dental implant cost in Shenton Park is worth it. This longevity also relies on factors like the quality of materials, bone density, and skill of the dental team.

While dental implant therapy enjoys a high success rate, potential risks such as infection, nerve damage, implant failure, or bone deterioration can occur. Proper care and working with experienced dental professionals help minimise these risks.

The compassionate team at Shenton Park Village Dental will carefully assess your risks and the adequacy of your jawbone density and take necessary precautions, including proper monitoring of the bone after extraction, if you had one, to avoid complications.

Dental implants can be a treatment option even for patients with existing dental issues or gum disease. However, these conditions must be managed first, as they may decrease the chance of success of the implant treatment. This may include addressing any bone resorption or implementing bone grafting procedures.

Your treatment plan will be tailored by the experienced team at Shenton Park Village Dental to meet your individual needs for good oral health and a positive outcome.

Dental implant cost in Shenton Park varies depending on the number of implants, the type of materials used, the type of implant, the complexity of the case, and any additional procedures like bone grafts. The average cost of implants is around $4,500 to $5,000 per tooth. A detailed quote can be provided during a dental implant consultation appointment with our friendly team.
Depending on the policy and provider, health funds might cover parts of the dental implant process. Each case varies, so it is advisable to check with your health fund provider for specific details on your cover for the dental implant cost in Shenton Park, including dental implant surgery, dental implant prostheses, and other related procedures.
At Shenton Park Village Dental, the experienced dentists understand the importance of appearance and functionality during the implant process. Temporary crowns, bridges, or dental prosthetics can be placed during the healing phase. These temporary restorative dentistry treatments help with aesthetics and functionality during dental implant therapy.
Post-procedure dental care involves regular brushing and flossing, routine dental check-ups, and attention to oral health and hygiene practices. Following the care instructions provided by the dental team will increase the longevity of dental implants. Avoiding habits like smoking and refraining from hard foods initially will foster a speedy recovery and long-term success.
Temporary dietary restrictions may be necessary immediately after the dental implant procedure. Hard and overly crunchy foods should be avoided to protect the new dental implants and replacement teeth. Gradually, normal dietary practices can be resumed, and our dental care team will guide you on when it’s safe to eat your favourite foods.
The recovery period after a multiple dental implant surgery might include minor swelling or discomfort. Proper care, following after-care instructions, and over-the-counter medications will help manage these symptoms. Regular follow-ups with the dental care team at Shenton Park Village Dental facilitate a smooth recovery process, providing support at every step of your dental journey.
After the healing period, you can participate in sports and activities, just like before the treatment. Mouthguards are available at Shenton Park Village Dental to protect your implants, artificial tooth roots, and surrounding teeth.


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